Anoud Textile Mills Limited

An avant-garde industrial name and a dynamic conglomerate of various enterprises Anoud Textile Mills Limited looks hopefully ahead to the future.

Anoud Textile Mills Limited is committed to achieve excellence in the quality of its product and satisfaction of customers through reliability and;
  • To strive to keep up with the modern technology in the field of textile spinning industry.
  • To respond to customers ever changing needs in the most effective way.
  • To maintain superior quality and make it as our strength. To be devoted and stringent to commitments and quality in order to gain customer confidence.

  • Anoud Textile Mills Limited is a public limited unquoted Company. It is being managed and run by a team of experienced professionals. The project is ideally located in Nooriabad on the famous Super Highway, 60 minutes drive from Karachi.

    Anoud Textile Mills Limited is a spinning unit comprising of around 37,368 Spindles. The average annual production capacity of the plant is 7,700,000 kilo grams (475 bags per day of 100 lbs each) of high quality yarn based on three shifts a day and 360 working days per annum. The machinery and equipment for the project has been imported from Japan, Germany, China and Switzerland. The combination of Machines has been selected very carefully keeping in view the international quality standards for production of finest quality yarn for both Local and International Markets. The famous brand “ KAPAS” is the well and highly quality product being produced by ATML

    Power Generation. ATML fulfills all its own power requirements through the Captive power plant/generation of around 4.0 MW (in house) gas based has been built by the management in 2005 to ensure the continuity of production with smooth electric supply being maintained under supervision highly qualified engineers. Since than ATML is enjoying high quality yarn production 24/7 with no interruption.