Anoud Gas Ltd

An avant-garde industrial name and a dynamic conglomerate of various enterprises Anoud Gas Limited [formerly EIRAT Company Limited.] looks hopefully ahead to the future. Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] is committed to achieve excellence in the quality of its product and satisfaction of customers through reliability and;
  • To strive to keep up with the modern technology in the field of LP gas.
  • To respond to customers ever changing needs in the most effective way.
  • To maintain superior quality and make it as its strength.
  • To be devoted and stringent to commitments and quality in order to gain customer confidence.

Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] is public limited unquoted company. It is being managed and run by a team of experienced professionals.
Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] was setup in 1994.
AGL commenced its activity with a distribution quota of LPG of 50 MT from OGDCL and with continuous expansion plans, now it has 72 MT quota for distribution. Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] is currently among the largest LPG marketing companies in Pakistan having state of the art filling plants with storage capacity of 400 MT. Head Office of the company is located in the heart of the financial district of Karachi, which is the hub of the business center of Pakistan. Activities mostly dealing with the procurement of LPG transpire at the head office. Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] is among those LPG marketing companies who provide an alternate, efficient and un-interrupted supply of fuel to industries. Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] is proud to deliver complete energy solution to its customers. Anoud Gas Limited [formerly ECL.] has adopted innovative techniques that ensure the quality products, delivered guaranteed supplies coupled with the highest level of safety standards and services to its customers.we have poor capacity of 15 lac pound per month to meet the requirement of weaving as well as our supplier.